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Leighton-Linslade Carnival Membership Opportunities


Joining the Carnival as a member offers a range of opportunities for you to get involved with and be part of one of our largest comunity events. These roles are briefly summarised below, if you are interested in joining further details are available from any of our Committee members (detailed on the Committee page). There is NO membership fee payable.


Why not join and help us raise money for local good causes.


Members can help in any of the following ways:


- you could help throughout the year by possibly becoming a committee member to help run and organise the group over the year. There are a range of committee roles which are open to all members and these are elected annually at the AGM in October each year.


- you can help at different times during the year by supporting the committee with leaflet distribution at various events and locations to promote the events that we organise, which are the Carnival Court Selection, Picnic in the Park and the Carnival.


- and obviously at the events by either being a crew member to help set up and take down the event or a steward to help oversee the event to ensure that everyone attending can safely enjoy themselves.


However you want to get involved we will make you very welcome, provide you with any training needed and appropriate clothing if required for the role.


Please click here to open the form to apply for free membership.